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screw special design

Screws for definitive use. Made from medical grade 5 ELI Titanium Integrity and soundness guaranteed by stress tests of up to 150% of their nominal torques.

Their designs ensure a perfect fit with both the standard accessories as well as with special CAD/CAM systems for structures, bridges and Custom Abutments.

DLC coated screws: Some DESS screws are also available in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated version. In this version the screw is coated with a hard carbon layer to provide a low friction surface finish improving the preload of the screw and producing a high clamping force between the abutment and the Implant.

Special Designs: To meet our customer special needs DESS has developed many special screw designs. Longer versions, different socket versions, heads with flat contact face to improve the structures passivity and fitting.



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