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Terrats medical has gone from being a subcontracted manufacturer to its own entity. 10 years ago, we created our own brand DESS which allowed us to specialise and create a full range of compatibilities with more than 29 mayor brands in the market. Today DESS has the most comprehensive range in the market under one brand.

This change of vision and strategy is what has made our model so successful. In 4 years, from 2008 to 2012, we have made a 180º turn, starting with the creation of our own brand DESS (Dental Smart Solutions) and unrivalled assortment, we’ve given the customer choice under one roof instead of having to switch suppliers. This success has been posible due to the highest quality standards we apply. All our products are manufactured using Swiss precision machinery and every single product goes through a visual check that guarantees the superb quality.

We have specialised in the manufacture and distribution of prosthetic components for dental implantology. We work with Titanium and its variations as a base element among other metals and technical plastics. Our company is ISO certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, all our products are CE certified and a big part of the range posses FDA and Canada Health approval.

Our international presence with distribution in more than 39 countries, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and practically all of Europe, with sales increasing year over year, shows the potential and great success of our business model.

We work as a team to become leaders in the sector!
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