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In this section we will introduce you to different members of the team so that you can get to know the people behind each of our areas and products.

Jordi Terrats

Jordi Terrats is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Terrats Medical S.L. and is also responsible for the manufacturing plant. Today we wanted to talk with him so that you can get to know him a little better and so that he can explain to us, among other things, how the company's activity has been developed during the health crisis generated by the COVID-19.

  • Define DESS® in three words
Innovation, Quality and Passion.
  • How would you describe the growth that DESS® has experienced in recent years?
It has been continuous and forceful. Thanks to the quality of our work and the good reception it has received, we have stood out and captured the attention of the market.

The recognition of our products among professionals in the sector has allowed us to be on everyone's lips. Our presence at trade fairs and congresses, such as IDS in Germany, has given us an international reputation. The competitive advantages of DESS are: the high quality of the products, a wide proposal of solutions and the agility in the deliveries.

  • One of our core values, as we said before, is innovation. Is there anything new coming?
We will soon be expanding our component catalogue. We will also increase our leadership in digital prosthetics through the launch of a new line of titanium bases that will facilitate the work of prosthetists and clinicians.

We are also innovating in the manufacturing and management processes of the company.

  • How has the health emergency caused by covid-19 affected Terrats Medical S.L.? What measures have been taken?
Faced with this exceptional situation, many possible scenarios were put forward. In our case, instead of making an ERTE (Temporary Regulation Record), as other companies have done, we decided to take advantage of the market downturn to focus on new products.

Our R&D department was working on several projects that were accelerated to move them into production as soon as possible.

We adapted the facilities and reinforced the hygiene measures. We all keep a safe distance and use masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gels.

The commitment of the entire DESS team to time flexibility, shift changes and teleworking has been incredible.

  • How do you think the whole situation generated by covid-19 will affect the industry?
Clinics will have to establish stricter hygiene measures and include the new regulations, such as no patients in the waiting room, attending by appointment or complete disinfection of the workplace between patients.

As far as treatments are concerned, all those that have been postponed or left halfway through will have to be done afterwards. I understand that they are now focused on emergencies, but in a few weeks, they will begin to perform these treatments that had been left halfway and to get new ones.

All this will depend, of course, on the economic situation and the fear that people may feel. We want to be optimistic and hope that by the end of the year this situation will have returned to normal.

  • Terrats Medical S.L. has a large family history, what do you remember about its beginnings?
It had nothing to do with what it is now. It was a small workshop, with few employees. From then until now it has changed a lot, it has become more professional. Today we have specialists in many departments that didn't even exist before, everyone did a little bit of everything.

It has had a totally positive evolution, especially in the last years that we have specialized in the dental sector. All the experience we have accumulated in machining parts has been used to apply it to the manufacture of products for implantology.

People who work here have a very high technical level and this also favors this positive evolution that I mentioned. In addition, all this experience that we have carried on our backs has helped us to improve the quality.

  • Travel to the past or the future?
To the future, without a doubt, I think it's exciting. New technologies such as AI, big data and machine learning, are fascinating. I love everything that's new and I'd like to see it.

  • You couldn’t live without…
My family

  • Song you're most ashamed to admit you like
I really like rock, so I would say that the Village People's Y.M.C.A. is one of the songs that I am most ashamed to admit that I like.

  • If you were mistaken for a famous artist, who would it be?
Long ago I was told I looked like a well-known person, but now I don't remember who it was...
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