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In this section we will introduce you to different members of the team so that you can get to know the people behind each of our areas and products.

Manel Serra

He is the Finance & Controlling Manager of Terrats Medical, manufacturer of DESS®. Manel is part of the administration team and is in charge of having all the financial, fiscal and legal obligations of the company up to date. 

  • Before we start, let's test your mental calculus skills: 24x36?
Now... I wouldn't know what to say (laughs).
  • Would you need the calculator?
Rather than the calculator, Excel.
  • What do you do on your day-by-day?
I do several things, but basically, it's about having the financial, fiscal and legal obligations up to date. As far as administration is concerned, everything must be up to date and, as far as management is concerned, they must have all the reports available.
As Financial Controller, I also support the administration team in all the doubts and problems that may arise and support Montse in its day to day.
  • What would you say is your biggest challenge at work?
I'd say trying to make difficult things easy, especially for management. It is necessary to simplify all the problems that may appear, to give the most agile solution and, in short, to facilitate the management work.
  • How would you define the growth that Terrats Medical has experienced in recent times?
It has been a very accelerated but controlled growth. Management has done a very good job to slow down this growth and not take hasty decisions, such as attacking markets that might have been interesting or launching products prematurely. They have had their feet on the ground at all times and have followed a philosophy of cost-effective growth. They have been able to put the brakes on so as not to die of success.
In more detail, at an organic level has grown in internal processes, such as quality, which is one of our principles. And, at the inorganic level, the various synergies that may have been created with other companies as a result of organic growth.
So I would say that it has been an exponential growth but always controlled and cost-effective.
  • How is your experience at Terrats Medical?
It's a company that, on a personal level, gives me a lot. I've been very lucky to be here, especially because of the environment; we're all young and we push each other. The same goes for management, who are also young and the constant recognition they give to their employees is the key to the success of this company.
  • Song that you are ashamed to recognize that you like it
I would say one from Eros Ramazzotti.
  • Cartoons that you liked the most when you were a child
Dragon Ball.
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
To be invisible
  • ¿To do evil acts?
No, to do acts of kindnesses (laughs).
  • When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Imagine being mistaken for a famous artist. Who would that be?
Jason Statham, by the little hair I would say.
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