Get to know us - Salva Soriano

Today we want to introduce you our colleague Salva Soriano, who is retiring after more than 48 years in the company. Thank you for all these years!

We are really happy to have had the opportunity to share with you all these years. We give you all our best wishes in this new fresh period that you are going to start. Happy retirement! 
Salva Soriano
He is the factory responsible. Salva has been working at Terrats Medical S.L. for more than 48 years and, for that, we want you to know first-handed how has the company evolved over the years.
  • Define DESS® in three words
DESS is Terrats Medical commercial brand and I think that three words that could define it are Quality, Professionality and Seriousness.
  • After all these years at the company, how have you lived the new route to the implantology field?
The change has been huge. I have been working here for more than 48 years and I have lived various changes until today. At the beginning, in the first phase, all the meccanization was manual, in the second phase was semiautomatic and in the third phase (nowadays) is completely automatic.
We started manufacturing little ironmongery pieces, after that pieces for security and banks and, finally, dental abutments. All of us had to adapt to this new business and had to give the best of ourselves to develop our job in the best way.
  • What do you do in your day-by-day?
My tasks consist in superintend the factory, following the patterns stablished by Jordi Terrats, production responsible, to get everything going as planned. I also try to help if there is any problem; I am a resolutive person who always tries to look for solutions.
  • How have your tasks evolved through the years? Is there anything you miss?
These three last years I couldn’t do what I like the most, which is mechanics, because I had more responsibilities in factory. So, what I miss the most is being able to dedicate myself to mechanics: the lathes, the milling machine...
But I am very happy to say that for more than 48 years I have been able to work in a job that I really like.
  • If you could advise yourself when you joined the company, what would you tell your younger self?
I would tell him to learn every day. In this industry, what is new today is obsolete tomorrow. It is a continual challenge to overcome, because machines and systems change and you have to be able to adapt to them in the best possible way.
  • The greatest anecdote that ever happened to you at the company or with your colleagues
There are a lot of anecdotes after all these years, but there is one that I remember very well.
I started working at Terrats Medical as an apprentice, when it was still a small workshop, and I used to always ask the boss, Josep Terrats, all the doubts I had about the machines. One day he was in a hurry with a job and I remember that he took a chair, put it in the middle of the workshop and told me "don't bring me problems, when you come back bring me solutions". And ever since then I always remember him.
  • If you could choose a single position from all the ones you've been developing, what would it be?
As I have said before, I would choose meccanization with no doubt. It is what I like the most.
  • Something you would say to a person who just joined the company
Always try to get better every day, get along well with the teams that are formed in the company and, above all, never stop being formed, because what is new today may not be new tomorrow.
  • You couldn’t live without…
My grandchildren.
  • Imagine being mistaken for a famous artist. Who would that be?
I would like to say Groucho Marx, but many time people have told me that I look like Rambo, I guess because of the hair.
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