Tools in Implantology are basic. The use of inappropriate or mismatched instruments can cause a failed treatment.

DESS® offers a set of screwdrivers and screwdriver handles that will allow you to work with most of all existing implant brands, offering a guarantee of success at a reduced cost.

Always with the best quality. All our products have passed the highest quality tests to ensure its good result. 

Milling Tool

Discover our new Milling Tool. With this new tool you will be able to design and mill your own abutments. Take the control of your projects. 

Use our milling blocks to create your abutment. DESS® blank blocks are available in 20mm and 40mm length in conjunction with the DESS® libraries will allow you to create unique restorations. You can choose between two materials: Chrome Cobalt alloy or Titanium. 

With the DESS® milling tool conceive screw retained bars, or bridges and multiple. Create straight or angulated channels up to 25º with one single tool. 

This concept allows you to DIY your own project to assure the custom precision required. The DESS® milling tool will precisely replicate the DESS® AURUM screw platform. Get the right one for each machine:

  • VHF: 3mm
  • Straumann: 3mm 
  • Imes-Icore: 3mm & 6mm
  • ZirkonZahn: 3mm & 6mm
  • Roland: 4mm 
  • Yenadent: 4mm & 6mm
For other machines, contact us. 
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